Conscious living. How to make your life more meaningful using the power of nature.

This creative journal will showcase how conscious living can lead to a healthier and happier life.

Available in Spring 2018.

Why a creative journal?

Creating is my passion and making simple things that improve the quality of life makes me happy. Writing is something I do on a daily basis.

So why not do both?

Oh and of course pictures. Lots of beautiful pictures!

Thus the creative journal. A photographic journey combined with text in a magazine format. Created by me for you. My gift.

I like to give back and I like to share.

Sharing ways to add joy to your life and sharing recipes are two ways that I like to share. Sharing tea is another.

I love tea. I can’t live without tea. My mother was British and my father Scottish. As such I was born with a cup of tea in my hand. Tea is an important part of my life. I’m happy, I drink tea. I’m sad, I drink tea. I’m tired, I drink tea… get the message.

But did you know that there are teas that promote love? And teas that promote happiness?

It’s true and I’m going to share this with you. In my journal.

How about strawberry picking and making jam?

I go to a farm and pick my own strawberries and then I make strawberry preserves and people love them.

Only three ingredients and a bit of time and you have a wonderful accompaniment to whipped cream, ice cream, pancakes or crepes. Not to mention yogurt, oatmeal and cake. I personally add my strawberry preserves to chocolate cake and add a dollop of whipped cream. Yum!

Have I intrigued you yet?

I hope so………four months to go.



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